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I have recently discovered this website, and I am so interested in coming and being part of the experience in Africa.

I would however, have some questions before I make any decisions. If anyone could help me with these I would be really happy.

Firstly, what injections are needed? Are there many and how much would they cost roughly? (I am based in Ireland so it would be an idea in euros I would need)

Secondly, how much money roughly did people spend to get there and when they were there?

I know the programme I am interested in is 250 Euros, but I am more worried about things like flight prices and money over there etc.

Can anyone let me know how much money in general is needed to take on board volunteering?  The reason I ask is because money is extremely tight at the moment, and I am wondering if it is something that I will need to do next year when I have had a chance to save.

Lastly, I am qualified in teaching English as a foreign language, and childcare and would like to know if there is anybody else who has gone to Africa to do teaching or orphanage work. I would love to hear your experience.

Thanks so much in advance




Hi Grace,

Well, you will need a yellow fever vaccination to visit the Africa which is in the tropics. You also need to take malaria tables before your departure, your doctor can advice  you the types of some drugs available.

I noted when you pay 250 euros, it caters for food, water and accommodation at project.

The flight cost may depend on the season, distant to cover and seat class. About 1000 euros or slightly more or less could be enough for a trip to Africa. 

On money for personal use, it it all depends on what else you want to do while in the volunteering country destination. Life is cheap in some countries abroad, unlike in our Europe. A figure of 200 euros can take you through a month or more, not unless you decide to go for expeditions like tours safaris.

I hope you can attain your life dream expereince! These are my thoughts. hope it helps?


Anders Christian

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