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Martin Kottmeier , Canada

International Volunteer Day 2008


The International Volunteer Day (IVD) was established by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 40/212 on 17 December 1985.

The (IVD) provides an opportunity for volunteer-involving organizations and individual volunteers to work together on projects and campaigns promoting their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels.

By merging UN support with a grassroots mandate, IVD is a unique opportunity for government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, the private sector and volunteer-involving organizations to work together to attain common goals. Since then, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully joined volunteers around the world to celebrate the Day, each year on 5 December.

IVD is now celebrated world wide with thousands of volunteers involved in a range of IVD initiatives including clean-up campaigns, conferences, exhibitions, morning teas and many other activities all aimed to highlight the role of volunteers in their communities.

Here in N.Vancouver, we are planning some activities to mark the IVD on dec 5th. What about you guys over there? To update all. thank you!!!
Kott wink


Fw Msg


Dear James,

December 5 is International Volunteer Day and this year I have an exciting gift for you!

In recognition of the thousands of volunteers around the world who have given their love, energy, and time through helping communities in need I would like to give you a copy of GVN's brand new book - Ripples of Difference!

Ripples of Difference is a collection of unique and powerful stories written by volunteers whose lives have been significantly affected through their experience of volunteering abroad.   From refugee camps in Africa to orphanages in Asia, read about how volunteers are touching the lives of others and making a difference - a ripple of difference.

To download your free electronic copy of Ripples of Difference simply click on the following link:

The Ripples of Difference theme dates back to when I visited a small village in Papua New Guinea. I tossed a stone into a lake and watched the ripples of water get wider and wider and larger and larger. I realised that by myself I could do very little to bring about long term change, but that a multitude of like minded individuals could literally create enough momentum to significantly change the world in which we live.

Mahatma Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" so I challenge all of you to stand up and just like the authors in the book, create your own ripple and join the sea of change that is bringing hope to those in need.


Colin Salisbury
Founder and President
Global Volunteer Network

Clare Gration

RE: State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2011

State of the World's Volunteerism Report 2011

The United Nations will on 5 December 2011 launch the State of the World's Volunteerism Report (SWVR). The report titled Universal Values for Global Well-being emphasizes how volunteerism is a means by which people can take control of their lives and make a difference to themselves and to those around them.  The Report focuses on the universal values that motivate people all over the world to engage for the common good while examining the impact of volunteer action on societies and individuals.

In Kenya, the report will be launched at the Nairobi Serena Hotel by the UNDP Country Director, Ms. Maria-Threase Keating and the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development.

For more information on this launch please contact:
Patterson Siema
UNDP Communications

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