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Theresa Beymer

Situation in Kenya?

Hi there.

Recently, I almost dropped my teeth when my only daughter told me that she was planning to go to Kenya with college friends in month of june this year. I remember there was some fighting last year, is it safe now? Much greetings from Naperville.




Dear Theresa.

Kenya was in a tender political state on January 2008 following some tribal violence surrounding the December 2007 disputed presidential election. However, by February 27th,2008, the political opponents had entered into talks, restored peace, agreed to share power, formed a coalition government, and to carry out governance reforms. So, the situation immediately stabilised. And the year drew to a close in a more positive light politically! Kenyans were delighted [and united again!] at the victory of President Barack Obama [in your country USA] during presidential election in November (Obama's father is of Kenyan decent).

While here in June, your daughter and friends could also take our tour dubbed 'Roots Of Obama'. The tour features a visit to the village of Kogelo, the Presidents father birthplace, Barack Obama's home town, and a stop at the Barrack Obama High School. They may choose to go off the beaten track, meeting the local residents, using local public transport, or visiting them in their homes; tasting local culture, and making new friends. What do you think of this real life experiences? Equally, other popular destinations here include Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara National Reserve

Indeed, our never-ending work-camps, voluntary projects and cultural safaris have continued to run throughout these political highs and lows, in our commitment to impact Kenya, for the better. Many thanks.
T.H.I.V.S Team

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